About us

Hello there and welcome to the home page of our website for our breed and family of quality German Shepherd dogs.

Mine and my husband Tony’s journey passion and love for the breed began nearly two decades ago with our first two girls “ Sammy & Molly “ our girls taught us so much experience and many lessons about this wonderful breed and German shepherds spontaneously became our way of life from then on. 

As our family grew as did our passion for the breed and all our German shepherds grew up with our children and now grandchildren all being a family member in their own right. Consequently our house and home grew as well ! …
We are registered breeders with East Devon District Council.


Our home is now designed for our German Shepherds of which we have had in total twelve. We currently have 8 of all different designs and colours ! Our family of German shepherds all interact freely and have free run of their home together, which enjoys a state of the art security system with 16 CCTV cameras to enable us to monitor them at all times. They have their own uniquely designed attached apartment, fully equipped with fans to provide air conditioning for hot and cold weather plus their own play park designed to keep them busy and energised physically and mentally at all times. We live in the glorious East Devon and our German Shepherds adore being exercised and free run daily in open fields and countryside of outstanding beauty and quality sea air.

We are regularly told our German shepherd breed represent how the traditional German shepherd physically “should look “ we do not breed for show purposes or breeding stock purposes we breed family orientated shepherds with traditional black & tan semi length coats, high bottoms and well proportioned builds with soft round large heads, bright kind eyes and attractive faces.

Our German shepherds are our family and our litters are bred because of demand from recommendations.  What I do is my passion and I will do everything over and above to provide you with the best possible experience of this second to none breed “The German Shepherd dog“ I look forward to serving you.  Best wishes – Nicky & Tony Quinn

We ask if for whatever life circumstance you have to surrender your German shepherd dog bred by ourselves then please inform us as we will help as best as we can with the rehoming of your dog.