We are registered breeders with East Devon District Council. DOG BREEDING LICENSE 21/00043/LBREED. We recommend you do as much research as you can before considering buying a puppy from us. We do ask potential owners to fill in our questionaire about themselves.

We recommend feeding raw food to your new addition. The benefits of raw feed are shinier coats, healthier skin , cleaner teeth, high energy levels, smaller stools. When feeding raw food you must wash the feeding bowls after every use, keep food in fridge to prevent bacteria. Always wash your hands after handling and remove bowls as soon as they have finished eating for washing.

We recommend a good strong harness for your puppy rather than a slip lead. When purchasing a harness you should look for durability and well made material. The harness should have a lead attachment in the front and a handle at the back. A proper fit- measure your dogs circumference of chest and lower neck and shop for a harness to fit their measurements rather than their weight.


Q: Can we meet both parents? A: YES.. however we do ask that no more than 2 people come at a time.

Q: Are the parents hip and elbow scored? A: NO

Q: Will the puppies be KC Registered? A: NO

Q:Will my puppy be wormed up to date? A: YES we worm them at 2,4,6 weeks using Panicur

Q: Will my puppy have their first vaccination? A: NO the reason for this is different vets use different vaccines.

Q: Will my puppy be microchipped? A: YES we microchip our puppies ourselves and transfer to your name.

Q: Are the parents fit and healthy? A: YES All our dogs are very fit and healthy with no health issues.

Q: Have the parents got good temperaments? A: YES

Q: Can I view the puppies before paying a deposit? A: YES

Q: Will my puppy be socialised? A: YES very well socialised and used to everyday noises.