This year Team Direct organised a sponsored walk up Mount Snowdon to raise money for Children’s Hospice South West.  The sponsored walk took place on 26th June ’11 with owner Tony Quinn, manger Les Carde and taxi driver Nicholas Bleasdale (Beany) scaling the mountain.  The girls from Team Direct also took to raising funds by walking through the town and seafront with collecting buckets to boost the money raised.

Sponsored walk.

The three set off on Sat 25th June ’11 after hiring a car from Grenville at Staddons Garage in Exmouth who did them an amazing deal on the hire car.  When they eventually reached the campsite (after getting lost!!!) they set up their tents in the rain and tried to get a good night’s sleep before the big day.  The next day they set off to the mountain to start the walk.  However, as they were warming up Les injured his calf muscle.  Despite this they all set off up the mountain but Les could only walk about a mile before he was defeated.  Tony and Beany carried on up the mountain but found that they had mistakenly taken a track that was unlikely to lead them to the summit.  Conditions on the track proved hard going; Beany lost his footing and Tony had to help.  They decided that they had been defeated so had to backtrack down the mountain very disappointed.  Once they arrived back in Exmouth they all decided that they wouldn’t be beaten so they agreed that as soon as Les’s calf had healed they would attempt Mount Snowdon again.  The date was set for 10th August ’11.

With the second attempt fast approaching they had arrange to hire a car.  This time it was a seven seater as their wives were being taken for moral support.  Practical Car Hire did them a great deal and so the journey began again!

This time they stayed in a luxury bed & breakfast to prepare for the walk the next morning.  The couple who owned the B&B were a great couple and it was a lovely place to stay.  They set off next morning: nothing could go wrong, or so they thought!

Before they began their walk they spoke to the train master to check the trains for coming down but were told that it was too dangerous for the trains to go more than half way up as the winds were over 40mph.  They set off in the wind and rain.  On the way up Beany was sick and felt like he was going to collapse so they had to keep stopping.  However, they still carried on but the higher they got the more difficult it was because of the weather conditions.  In the end they all agreed enough was enough and turned back.  They did the best they possibly could.  They were very disappointed again but had to accept defeat.

Despite not reaching the summit all those who sponsored them were very understanding and still supported them.  It was quite a journey but worth it.

Team Direct would like to thank everyone who supported them.