Voluntary Work

In keeping with their already significant charitable contributions Team Direct are now also offering up their services – completely free of charge – to elderly and disabled local residents by helping them with jobs in and around the garden and home which they find difficult to do themselves.

Direct owners, Tony and Nicola, have assembled a task force comprising themselves, drivers and operators who willingly give up their free time for a couple of hours a week. Calling themselves ‘Team Direct’, the group thoroughly enjoy assisting people in need and, being firm believers in giving back to the community, are delighted with the appreciative response received.

Team Direct are always seeking new volunteers so if you are willing to offer up some spare time to assist those less fortunate please call Nicola between 6am – 9pm Monday to Friday on Direct’s office numbers – 224255, 277500 or 275368 – and make a difference.

Brooklyn Park – October 2013

Work carried out: Cut back bushes, cut grass, swept up, took all garden waste to recycling centre.

Summer Close

Work carried out: Took customers garden waste to recycling centre